We manufacture haul-offs of different types and sizes for small, medium and large profiles. They are available with rollers, pads or belts, with a contact length from 0.75 m to 3 m and a variable contact width depending on the specific application. Our haul-offs stand out not only for their robust and sturdy structure, that eliminates vibrations and discontinuity of traction, but also for their construction criteria and quality components, that guarantee reliability and long life.

The quick pads change over system allows the easy replacement of the pads and routine maintenance can be carried out with a considerable time saving as well.


Our customisable haul-offs of the so called TRAXI range, with upper caterpillar tilting movement on both sides, are suitable to complete both standard profile extrusion lines as well as lines for special applications like for automotive and big size profiles (for example building industry).
Thanks to their solid and sturdy frame they can also be used in extrusion lines for fiberglass and composite profiles, as they can guarantee a pulling force up to 10 tons.


The OP haul-off is part of our standard Omnia extrusion line and is equipped with a central tilting movement system. It is perfect for small and medium size technical profiles, but it can also be used for complex and articulated profiles. Just like all Baruffaldi units it can be customized according to profile size and geometry.


Our production program also includes the highly versatile combined puller and cutting units, which are available in different versions: either with belts or pads haul-off and vertical guillotine (P-C/V), or with belts or pads haul-off and transversal cold or hot blade guillotine (P-C/H) with die block, according to profile thicknesses and geometry.
Thanks to our technical know-how and our steady investments in the R&D department we always manage to find the best technology to meet every specific production need.


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