Cooling tanks

Cooling tanks for the PVC, PE, PP smooth and corrugated pipes extrusion

Cooling Tanks For Corrugated Pipes

Stainless steel cooling tanks for PE and PP corrugated pipes ranging between 40 and 1200 mm diameter. Tanks are designed to provide constant pipe cooling and to avoid any deformation throughout pipe extrusion line. A ventilation system cleans and dries the pipe as it exits the cooling chamber.

Cooling Tanks For PVC, PE And PP smooth Pipes

Cooling tanks for a range of smooth PVC, PE and PP pipes of 10 mm to 1000 mm in diameter and 6 to 9 meters in length. Water collection tank and spray sprinklers support pipes both made of stainless steel. A pump transports the circulating water to the spray sprinklers, assembled on stainless steel bars, with an adjustable spray angle. Spray water is recycled and cleaned through a separation filter, thus preventing clogging of the sprinklers.


The inspection hatches, made of stainless steel, are located on the operator side.


Technical features


Special devices can be supplied upon request, according to production requirements


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