Punching and coining machine for cable ducts and trunkings

Baruffaldi POVI System provides the best technologies in the field of plastic punching machines for cable ducts and trunkings. The POVI System product range includes off-line and in-line technologies to produce PVC and PC/ABS electrical cable ducts, according to the highest standards. Baruffaldi punching and coining machines are modular and flexible systems in order to produce all cable duct sizes available on the market.

POVI 5000 and POVI 10000 are the only technologies in the world that reach process speeds of up to 12 m/min. These machines are off-line high productivity systems, which are designed to provide the maximum capital return on investment.

POVI 6000 is the latest generation of hydraulic punching machines for PVC cable ducts and single wall perforated cable trays. This in-line production system is designed to work at high speeds. The punching speed is up to 10 m/min.

Our technologies impact on the manufacturing companies’ construction process through a remarkable production costs reduction. Baruffaldi POVI System provides reliable technology to reach high productivity while saving energy and keeping low maintenance costs.

POVI 6000

These stand-alone and compact punching machines are ideal for the in-line punching of “U”-shaped plastic profiles.

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