Off-line cap inserter automatic machine for roller shutters


This machine is specifically designed for the off-line automated assembly of aluminium roller shutters. It can process slats between 500 and 6500 mm in length. Once they have been inserted at both ends the plastic caps are fixed into the profile by means of metal clips or with a punching system. The same system can also be used to assemble PVC roller shutter profiles for swimming pool covers.

The machine can be equipped with a vertical feed-in table (CAP-CV), for profiles already cut to measure, or with horizontal one (CAP-CO) for pre-assembled slat packs. Thanks to our modular system it is possible to design different plant versions according to the customer’s needs.

With the basic version, CAP-ST, it is possible to automatize the phases of the insertion and fixing of the caps into the roller shutters, the operator has already manually pre-assembled.

If the machine has to process 6.5 m long slotted slat packs, the plant is equipped with the assembling table and a cutting unit to cut the profiles to size. In the same way, if the slats are not yet punched, the plant can also be equipped with a punching unit.

The last production phase is the rolling up phase, which prepares the roller shutter for the subsequent packaging. This function can be performed using a motorized unit or a standard semi-automatic unit, that can be adapted to all our other assembly systems for roller shutter profiles.


Technical Features


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