Cutting units for plastic pipes

All our machines are manufactured upon customer’s request to match different types of extruded plastic products. For this reason, our devices are able to process PVC, PE, PP and LDPE, corrugated and smooth, single or double wall pipes.
Each unit is compatible with automatic in-line operation, including electronic synchronisation with the line.

Cutting Devices Types


Technical features

Rapid Planetary Cutting unit type TVP

TVP family consists of TVP for smooth pipes and TVP-C for corrugated pipes. TVP is a planetary saw with orbital cut for PVC-PP pipes, up to diameter 200mm for corrugated ones. During the cutting phase the cutting unit follows the pipe at the extrusion speed.

The cut is executed by a blade rotating on the pipe circumference, without material removal. The cut is consequently clean without burrs or swarfs. The TVP saw can be equipped with an encoder system to execute “at once” cuts synchronized to the extrusion speed.


TVP-C is a rapid planetary cutting unit only for corrugated pipes. The difference with the TVP is the automatical capacity of the TVP-C cutting unit of finding the corrugated pipe groove centre.


The range of machines built by Baruffaldi Plastic Technology-Primac has been enriched with the new TC.TVP/40 planetary cutter with built-in traction haul-off, for the in-line cutting and processing of PP, PE and LDPE pipes.

The device has rotary knife cutting without material removal, with cutting precision of ±1 mm/m at high process speed (20 m/min).

The cutting system is equipped with vision sensors for precise point cutting points on the moving profile. The haul-off group, with two independent track speed pairs, provides for pipe compacting where necessary. Haul-off and cutting units are operated by four independent brushless motors for maximum flexibility of the system.

The last generation operator panel allows the user to select production programs through preset job prescriptions. The advanced electronics of this new, versatile and compact machine makes it possible to control cycle times in order to optimize the production process at best. The machine is also distinguished by its quiet operation and energy saving features.

Knife-cutting unit type TPE

Knife cutter for the automatic cutting of HD-PE, LD-PE and PP pipes as well as copper-pre-insulated PE pipes on the extrusion line.

The unit is designed to cut different pipes and profiles by replacing easily the pipe clamping vices. The cutting unit is assembled on a carriage that follows the pipe path during the cutting phase.

The blade is controlled by an hydraulic system.
The cutting blade penetration and the truck feed are adjustable from the outside of the machine and they are controlled by a pneumatic cylinder.


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